Cars are like computers – difficult to repair

Last week I changed the oil in my car for the first time. I got the book and all the supplies I needed, and I still ran into trouble. I realized just how frustrating it is to attempt to do something and hitting several snags along the way.

My first problem was getting the oil drain plug to budge. Luckily, my Dad had taught me a trick to loosen a lugnut. It’s a lot easier if you slip a pipe over the wrench and pull/push on the end of the pipe. This worked like a charm! The computer equivalent: There’s usually a plastic tab, which may take searching to find, that will release the component.

Problem #2: I bought the wrong oil filter wrench. This was easily fixed by going back to the parts house to get a different wrench. 99.9% of the time, computers use philips head screws, but every once in a while you’ll need a flat head or allan wrench.

Once everything was done, I cranked up the car. To my dismay the oil light kept blinking. A quick check of the oil dipstick showed there was too much oil! I drained some out twice and everything was fine. Having too much oil is like having too much RAM. All computers put a max on the amount of RAM. The difference is that if you don’t check, you’ll never know.

In the end, I learned a lot. I learned that changing oil isn’t as easy as people make it look. I also learned why a lot of people don’t work on their car or their computer. If you do repair something correctly, which isn’t hard to do, you beel a grand sense of accomplishment.

Don’t let this article diswade you from attempting to repair your computer or your car yourself. Sure, I had trouble doing the most basic of maintenence, but have you ever met anyone who got everything right the first time? If you know of someone like this, please let me know.

I would like to thank my sister-in-law, Robin, for her help on the phone. You truely are a life saver!